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BDevlinDesigns is the brain child of "oddment artisan," Bridget Devlin Burke.

What happens if we take the discarded and breathe new life into it? Take the old and broken and turn it into something new and beautiful? 

BDevlinDesigns was born to take what might be thrown away and turn it into something useful again.


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The Idea

"BDevlinDesigns really came about while I was pregnant with my daughter. I want to be able to teach her how to knit when she gets older."

The first items created were handcrafted, child-size knitting needles.

"I had only ever seen one pair of small needles for kids on the market.  And they were plastic.  I wanted to create something that small hands could use and would be more of an heirloom item that meant something more."

Repurposed Whimsy

"I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of mechanical watches, even before 'steampunk' really became so popular."

From the original needles, to upcycling broken watches into jewelry, a new lifestyle was born. 

"It just became my thing. Taking something that may be thrown away and giving it new life. All of my designs now use upcycled materials. I want to create items that are unique and that help the Earth, too."

100% Handmade Family Affair

"People visit my booth and always ask if I make everything myself. I always have new things to offer based on what I have to repurpose."

The end products of BDevlinDesigns are the result of the materials that are available. 

"I couldn't do it without my husband and little girl, though. Their support means everything. These days she wants to help Mommy.  I guess BDevlinDesigns will end up being able to teach her more than just how to knit."

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